Cardinal Oolong - 50Ct Refill

A slow-bake process brings out the enchanting , complex flavors and aromas of our deeply oxidized organic Cardinal Oolong tea. Its exceptionally balanced profile delivers a unique sweetness and a rich, full-bodied mouth-feel...guaranteed to captivate you from the first sip.


Tea Note

Elegant and complex, full-bodied with sublime flavor notes of sweet caramel



Organic Whole Leaf Oolong Tea (Thailand)



50 Biodegradable Pyramid Sachets

Net Weight: 125g 


Brewing Instruction

Pour 8 ounces of 200F water over one pyramid sachet in your cup.

Let it steep for 3-4 minutes.

Remove sachet.

Sip and Feel the Delightful Wellness difference!

*TOCHA whole-leaf tea sachets can brew multiple cups. Increase the steeping time slightly with each subsequent cup, and enjoy the taste of the tea as it changes subtly.