TOCHA’s goal is to be a delicious and wellness-promoting tea label that is accountable to our customers, Mother Nature and our fellow neighbors on this planet.


TOCHA Commitments

To our wonderful customers:         

  • TOCHA uses only ingredients that are certified organic and pure, as nature intended.
  • TOCHA produces teas and blends that promote wellness as part of your daily lifestyle.
  • TOCHA never uses flavorings or artificial ingredients of any kind.

To Mother Nature:

  • TOCHA uses only certified organic ingredients to promote sustainable and responsible agriculture, cultivation and harvesting.
  • TOCHA uses biodegradable and recyclable materials for packaging, reducing the burden on the planet.

To our fellow neighbors of planet Earth:

  • TOCHA believes organic and sustainable cultivation methods are good for the health of the farmers and people who live and work on the land.
  • TOCHA supports the Tea for Water program, helping to fund clean water projects worldwide. More than 1,400 children under 5 die every day from illnesses caused by unsafe water.