TOCHA is passionate about the wellness of people, the planet and our community. We use the best whole leaf, natural organic ingredients sourced worldwide to create these delicious blends. Each Tocha tea combines traditional teas and other botanicals long valued for their wellness promoting attributes. Convenient pyramid tea sachets allow for optimal brewing; a full release of flavors, aromas and color in every cup. These delicious teas are nature’s gifts to your personal wellness, marked with TOCHA’s commitments to be a responsible steward and citizen of planet earth.

We are devoted to reducing negative impacts on the planet while providing you with the best possible cup of tea.

  • Only certified organic ingredients. This protects your health, and so as the well being of the farmers and the planet.
  • The Biodegradable Pyramid Tea Sachets allow whole leaf and herbs to expand, and fully release the flavor of every ingredient, so you can enjoy the best from the nature. These sachets are fully biodegradable, leaving no burdens on the planet.
  • Our Metal Tea Tin uses an inner seal to protect the freshness and flavor of the ingredients, allowing us to eliminate the use of plastic bags. This beautiful tin is made in the United States, and can be re-used for many purposes. If you choose to recycle this canister, no worries either, for Tin is the most recycled packaging material in United States.